Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blast From The Past Blog Train

Welcome to my little corner of the Retro Vintage Blog Train. Due to the real life roller coaster the train list will be posted slightly different this time. You can find the list of links below. Thanks to RD for asking me to be part of this unique blog train!!

Today I have for you 20 Retro Vintage Patterns created by me using the Create A Pattern Tool.

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TheTangledWebby I will add more links as they are updated.

Please note that these are created with the Create A Pattern Tool by EA and should NOT be converted into package format or they will crash your game! These are fully castable, one background and three shapes/designs. I included photos of each pattern numbered according to the file name in the rar so you can choose which ones you would like to use. Screen shots below show how these patterns look in-game.


Download Here: RetroVintagePatterns


  1. Looking good Jenn! I am so jealous of pattern makers :) Great to have you aboard for this train.

  2. I really like a lot of these. Thanks so much for being a part of this and sharing these beauties with us.

  3. Thank you so much ladies!! Thanks again for the invite!

  4. I LOVE your patterns,these are so retro!!

    Thanks Jenn! <3

  5. Gads, you KNOW I love these, Jenn! I've soooo downloaded them! Thanks for making and sharing. xo

  6. They're awesome, thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Lovely Patterns! I love retro! And thanks for mentioning that they cannot be converted to package-Files!

  8. Psychedelic comes to mind and Thanks as well! What fun patterns. Great job Jenn!