Monday, March 28, 2011

Patterns, coming very soon!!

I have been working hard to figure out which way is best for me to create patterns to share! I have been working with both Create A Pattern and Photoshop and TSRW. So far I have been able to create patterns using both methods. I have run into a slight problem with TSRW and PS (getting the alpha recolor to show up in the game) but once I figure that out.....I will be creating lots of patterns, using both methods. I want to make as many cast-able patterns as I can, I like variety in my game.....but there may also be some that I can't cast, but still want to use in the game. :) Check back soon! If things go as planned, I will have a few up before the end of the week!!

I have recently made a tutorial on how to create cast-able patterns in Create a Pattern. If interested, you can find it at Living Sims Forum, where I spend most of my free time ;) Link Below.

Monday, March 7, 2011